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Troon is around 45 minutes from Glasgow, and just 15 minutes from Europe’s biggest wind farm. That has to be a good sign! It’s actually 2 beaches separated by a marina: this one, North Beach (the locals call it Barassie Beach), and South Beach.

Troon is a great spot for beginners as the waves never get that big, there’s loads of space and plenty of kite surfers around to help with launching / landing.

Wind Directions

North Beach will work on anything from S around to N.

Tide States

Troon North can be ridden at all tide states. It just affects the amount of room for landing / launching.

Riding Types

Troon North offers small waves and flat water lagoons.

Local Information

  • Waves tend to be biggest at high water, steepest at low water.
  • Troon North is approved for kite surfing. The public is made aware of this with signage.


  • Toilets.
  • Loads of free parking.
  • Pubs, chippy, cafes and restaurants within walking distance.
  • Extreme Kite Shop & Kite School.


Troon North is pretty safe. Just stay clear of the harbour

Getting There & Parking

Use the map below for an exact location. There’s free parking at both beaches. At Barassie Beach (North Beach), kite surfers usually park in the first bay on the grass.

Weather Forecast & Live Readings

I’m hoping at some point to get a decent feed into the site for weather, but until then here’s a link to 7 day wind forecast for Troon.

And if you’re wondering if it’s on right now, there’s the Met Office reading taken hourly: Latest hour by hour wind readings, Prestwick.