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The Bluff is a superb kitesurfing location! Based in Hayle, Cornwall, at various tide states it features quality wave riding AND flat water shredding.

Please be sure to read the guide before heading to the Bluff as you do need a permit to ride there, and there’s a full code of conduct.

Wind Directions

The Bluff will work on anything from W to NE. NW is onshore. Pure W is gusty.

Update June 2014: Thanks to Louise from Mobius Kitesurfing for this...

Probably not a great idea to have westerly as one of the directions to kite at Hayle. It is really gusty due to the wind coming over the land, which could lead to people getting into difficulty. Given the issues with the harbour and kiting in the river (which is why the passes were eventually introduced after they tried to ban it) even though some locals kite on a west on a really low tide, it is not something that you want to encourage.

Tide States

The Bluff will work at any tide state.

Riding Types

In the estuary mouth you'll find flat water for freestyle/wakestyle, head out and you can enjoy some wave riding.

Local Information

Kitesurfing has been banned at The Bluff in the past. That ban has been lifted, but with restrictions. The code of conduct short version is “have insurance, buy a permit, give way to boats at all times (keep 100m away).”

As of April 2015

To ride at The Bluff, you 'll need a permit. The new Bluff passes are on sale at Lodeys, Down the Line, West Country Water Sports and from the Bluff reps on the beach.

To get your Bluff pass go to one of the outlets (list below) with your BKSA card. If you don’t have BKSA membership, you’ll need other proof that you have insurance to kitesurf. If you have the Kernow Kite Club as your affiliate club on your BKSA card it’s £5. If not it’s £10.

The system is working well, so please use, don’t abuse the spot and the code of conduct.


  • The Bluff Pub with metered parking, toilets, food, beer etc
  • Extra parking over the road
  • Free parking if you're a Bluff pass holder (which you need to be)
  • Nearby camping
  • Various restaurants, pubs, shops etc in Hayle


  • Stay at least 100m from boats
  • Tourists / other beach users
  • Watch out as the tide comes in / goes out when boosting airs in the flat water, you may find yourself in VERY shallow water toward the edges and on the sand bar

Getting There & Parking

Use the map below to locate parking at The Bluff. If you have a Bluff Pass (which you will have, right?!) you'll be able to take advantage of free parking at Harvey Towans ( the rough car park on top of the slope above the river mouth. Alternatively, there's paid parking at the pub.

Weather Forecast & Live Readings

I'm hoping at some point to get a decent feed into the site for weather, but until then here's a link to 7 day wind forecast for Hayle.

And if you're wondering if it's on right now, I think this is the best resource: Latest hour by hour wind readings, Camborne. If you use the XCweather mobile site on your phone, you can navigate to the Newquay Airport station. On the XCWeather site, just hit the home page and click on the nearest arrow for a live reading.

There could well be a better resource then these for this area, but it has served me well for my visits.