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Pettycur Bay is located at Kinghorn, a pretty fishing village, in Fife, Scotland. It’s on the opposite side of the estuary to Edinburgh.

The town’s lifeboat station is one of the busiest in Scotland, but don’t let that put you off!

On a SW or SSW wind you can expect butter smooth flat water.

Wind Directions

Pettycur Bay will work on E, clockwise around to W. The best wind direction is SW.

Tide States

If you stay on the wide patch of beach west of Pettycur, you can ride at all states of tide. However, you must be confident in your ability to stay upwind, to avoid drifting into the harbour. Beginners should really only ride here at low tide

Riding Types

At certain tide states you get flat water lagoons, perfect for freestyle / wakestyle riding.

Local Information

Nobody actually rides in Pettycur Bay, it’s too small. Walk onto Pettycur Bay beach then continue west along the beach around the rocks. Rig up when you get well clear of the rocks.

If you want a long session be sure to stash your gear well up off the beach or back at the car so it doesn’t get washed away by the incoming tide.


  • Free on-street parking
  • Pettycur Bay Holiday Park
  • Pubs, restaurants etc in Kinghorn


  • The tide can come in really quickly
  • The harbour. Be sure you can confidently stay upwind
  • Only suitable for beginners at low tide states

Getting There & Parking

Use the map below to get a postcode for your satnav. Park at Pettycur Bay and walk down onto the beach.