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New Hunstanton is situated in The Wash. The various sand bars mean that at various states of tide it features excellent flat water, ideal for beginners or freestylers.

Wind Directions

New Hunstanton will work on anything from SSW round to N.

Tide States

The groynes prevent riding at high tide. Before the tide reaches them, it's better to head round to Old Hunstanton.

Riding Types

Low tide brings butter flat conditions, ideal for freestyle/wakestyle.

Local Information

New Hunstanton is best at low tide when the sandbar emerges on the outside and the water is butter-flat. As soon as the tide creeps up towards the groynes it's time to pack up and head round to Old Hunstanton.


  • Car parking
  • Hunstanton Watersports for all your kite surfing kit requirements
  • Hunstanton Sailing Club offers great facilities, such as parking, changing rooms, showers and toliets. It is a members club however you can become a daily member from Hunstanton Sailing Club or Hunstanton Watersports for the day to benefit from the facilities.


  • Other beach users. New Hunstanton can get really busy in the summer months.
  • The groynes (if you haven't packed up before the tide reaches them).
  • Various rocks.

Getting There & Parking

Use the map below for directions to Hunstanton.

The beach is very easy to find as Hunstanton only has one and it runs alongside the town. Head to the green and you can't miss it!

PARKING: There is a council operated car park next to the Sailing Club. Parking at the Sailing Club itself is restricted to HSC members only. Alternatives car parks are near the Oasis swimming pool and behind Oceanside. Non-members found parking in HSC spaces will receive a legally enforceable parking fine.

Weather Forecast & Live Readings

I'm hoping at some point to get a decent feed into the site for weather, but until then here's a link to 7 day wind forecast for Hunstanton.

And if you're wondering if it's on right now, I think this is the best resource: Latest hour by hour wind readings, Weybourne.