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Majuba Beach, is situated to the north west of Redcar Town centre. It is a pretty large beach, running roughly west to east south east. It’s quite an attractive beach (just don’t look west toward the chemical works). Parking and access are both really easy.

Wind Directions

Majuba will work on anything from WNW clockwise around to E. Many of the experienced local riders will go out on a W, but this is ever so slightly off-shore so only consider it if you know what you’re doing.

Tide States

Majuba can be ridden at all tide states, but at high tide watch out for very small landing zone.

Riding Types

Small, clean waves that are good for freestyle/ freeride or playing with a directional board.

Local Information

The locals are friendly, be sure to say hello.


  • Redcar is very close for for an after-shred pint
  • Parking at the Majuba car park


  • To the east end of the beach there are reefs to watch out for.
  • When the tide is high there’s not much room to land, so if you’re going to ride up to high tide make sure you have someone to land you.
  • This beach is popular with land boarders and buggiers, so move your kite and lines out of the way when you land.

    Getting There & Parking

    Use the map below for a detailed location for your satnav. Parking is in the carpark. Fees are seasonal, from 8am – 6pm May to September, at which time it’s 60p per hour, £1.20 for 2 hours of £2.50 for the full day.

    Weather Forecast & Live Readings

    I’m hoping at some point to get a decent feed into the site for weather, but until then here’s a link to 7 day wind forecast for Redcar.
    And if you’re wondering if it’s on right now, I think this is the best resource: Latest hour by hour wind readings, Hartlepool.