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Fraisthorpe beach is just South of the seaside town of Bridlington. Though kite surfers ride at Bridlington and Fraisthorpe, it is the latter that is the more popular with the kite crowd. Fraisthorpe is a quieter beach and as such tends to be better suited to kite surfing, avoiding conflict with other beach users.

Wind Directions

Fraisthorpe will work on anything from a Northerly, clockwise around to a Southerly, though it can be gusty on a pure Northerly as the wind comes over the town of Bridlington. The more easterly winds are usually the cleanest.

Tide States

The ideal is to avoid 1-2 hours either side of high tide because high tide brings you among the various WW2 concrete bunkers which are potential crash hazards. If you walk 100 metres towards bridlington there’s usually enough room to launch and land even at high tide, and if you stay towards Bridlington away from the bunkers, it’s relatively safe.

Riding Types

Fraisthorpe is a shore break with usually mushy waves so it's not a great wave venue, though with strong winds it does sometimes have pretty large waves. Unfortunately you never get a wave that breaks in one direction.

Occasionally, at certain tide states, Fraisthorpe does develop some small, flat-water lagoons - perfect for freestyle/wake-style riding. However these sweet spots rarely last long, and you inevitably find yourself back in the messy waves.

Local Information

Fraisthorpe used to be a nudist beach. It isn't any more, no nude kite surfing please :-)

Kitesurfing is allowed all year round at Fraisthorpe Beach.
Andy Coupe from the Fraisthorpe Kitesurfers was kind enough to send me this Code of conduct for kite- surfing at Fraisthorpe beach - please read and take note.

**You might want to check out the Facebook pages for Fraisthorpe**


  • Car parking
  • A mobile snack van
  • Toilets
  • Camp site (Caravan Club)


The public: kids, dog walkers etc. While Fraisthorpe Beach is quiet, it does have a small campsite and as such you’ll often find a few people about. Watch out for the second world war bunkers. Right in front of them are some sharp obstacles which can be hidden as high tide approaches.

Getting There & Parking

Fraisthorpe beach is accessed via a single track road leading out of tiny, Fraisthorpe Village, just South of Bridlington. See map below for location/postcode.

Parking is just £2 for the full day, if the farmer who managed the area is about. If it’s out of hours, it’s £1 which you put into an honesty box.

If it’s busy, kite surfers usually head for the far north end of the parking area (down a narrow dirt track). If it’s on, there’s usually a few friendly faces around to help you launch, tell you what to watch out for. I’m one of them.

Fraisthorpe Beach Gallery

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