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Ardroil Sands, often referred to as Uig Bay, is based on the isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.

It features a large stretch of sand with the sea coming in from the north west. At high tide the bay fills with crystal clear water around 2ft deep. The perfect spot for learning or performing freestyle / wakestyle tricks.

Wind Directions

At high tide Uig Bay will work on almost any direction, but the cleanest winds will be those coming off the sea. The best being from the NW. There is a fair bit of wind shadow potential from other directions, especially those from the south.

Tide States

Uig Bay can be ridden at all states of tide, high tide being the best as it brings the super clear, shallow water.

Riding Types

Uig Bay could be a great spot for beginners due to the shallow, flat water. However, the outer hebrides is quiet, you might not see another kitesurfer so you need to be confident kiting alone. The butter flat, shallow water makes this an excellent freestyle / wakestyle venue.

Local Information

  • A truly stunning spot.
  • You'll never find crowds here.
  • Be aware of the changing shape of the beach as the tide comes in / goes out.


  • Toilets
  • Parking
  • Dogs welcome
  • Camp site

Getting There & Parking

Use the map below for an exact location. There’s free parking here.