Kitesurfing on the West Coast of Scotland

For the purpose of this guide, Western Scotland starts just North of the Scottish border in Dumfries and Galloway, and continues North to the uppermost boundary of Argyll and Bute. North of this are the Scottish Highlands.


The West of Scotland’s maritime influence means it’s wetter but milder than the East Coast. That said, its Northern latitude makes it a good deal cooler than more southern regions of the UK.

Wind Conditions

Western Scotland is one of the windiest regions in the UK. Its westerly facing aspect makes it a good bet for reliable kitesurfing conditions.

Our Favourite Kitesurfing Spots on the West Coast of Scotland

Despite trying to arrange a road trip for at least 3 years, we haven’t yet made it to Scotland. All of our data has been kindly supplied by fellow kitesurfers. If you’d like to tell us about your favourite spot on the West Coast of Scotland, drop us and line and we’ll post your comments.

Our full list of guides for the West Coast of Scotland is below (or you can use the map at the top of the page):

Troon South Beach

Troon South Beach

Either beach at Troon are great spot for beginners, but South Beach provides better protection from the waves, providing flatter water for learning or tricks.

Troon North Beach

Troon North Beach

Troon’s North Beach is a great spot for beginners. The waves never get too big, lots of space and plenty of kitesurfers to help with launching/landing.