Kite Surfing Cleethorpes


Cleethorpes is situated on the South edge of the Humber Estuary Mouth, in North Lincolnshire. It’s a traditional seaside resort with three miles of sandy beach, and a promenade.

Kite surfers can enjoy flat water and chop. There’s also a land boarding / buggy zone.


  • On street, metered parking
  • Pubs, Fish and Chips, Ice cream etc

Wind Directions

Cleethorpes / Humberston will work on anything from NW to SE

Hazards to watch out for

  • Tourists, dog walkers, fishermen and other beach users. The beach can get crowded in the summer months
  • Fishing nets
  • The Humber is a busy shipping lane
  • Wrecks and steel posts – Ask the locals to point them out
  • Wildlife. The area has a thriving grey seal colony
  • The tide can come in really fast and catch you out
  • There’s a very strong rip. If you lose your kite use your board to guide you back to the shore, don’t try and fight it as you’ll become exhausted. If you lose your board go to the shore and run a long way past your board before heading out to retrieve it
  • Further south is Donna Nook, a Ministry of Defence bombing target range. Never stray into that area when the red flags are flying!

Local info

Don’t ride in front of or to the North of The Leisure Centre.

There is signage at the beach indicating clearly marked zones for the public, kite surfers and land boarders / buggiers.

The beach is patrolled by beach safety officers 365 days per year. Be sure to report any incidents to them.

Be sure to read the signage at the beach and follow the rules. Cleethorpes kitesurfers have had to fight hard to maintain rights to use the beach. Please don’t spoil it.

Wind Forecast & Live Readings

I’m hoping at some point to get a decent feed into the site for weather, but until then here’s a link to 7 day wind forecast for Cleethorpes.
And if you’re wondering if it’s on right now, there’s the Met Office reading taken hourly: Latest hour by hour wind readings, Donna Nook.

Getting There and Parking

Use the map below for detailed directions from your postcode. Park in front of the Thorpe Park Caravan Park. Watch out for the signage to see where to ride.

Many thanks to Mike Pacey for providing me with all the information for this beach guide.

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  • Alannah Frayne

    hi, is there a training school based in cleethorpes?
    kind regards

    • GarethHanson

      Yes, speak to Steve over at East Coast Kiteboarding: 0787 6340088, tell him that Gareth at Kitesurfing UK recommended him. :-)